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First Annual National Bridal Sale Day



Spread the word to bridal salons and brides.

First Annual National Bridal Sale Day
Saturday July 16, 2016

“One Day. Your Day. Your Dream Dress for Less,”
United States – The first annual National Bridal Sale Day-Bridal Saturday- will take place on July 16, 2016. More than 700 locally-owned independent bridal retailers coast to coast including some top retail salons in Canada will participate in the inaugural event, offering brides designer wedding gowns and wedding party dresses at substantial savings. In some salons wedding gowns may be up to 80% off.

“Every store is unique as far as merchandise selection and price, however the benefits to brides are universal,” says the event’s creator, Sue Maslowski, owner of Jay West Bridal in Haddonfield, N.J. “The brides get designer dresses at great prices; the benefits of buying from a reputable salon; and the ability to touch, see and feel what they are purchasing with no surprises. Brides can also take home their dream dress that day, no waiting or delays!”

National Bridal Sale Day, will be celebrated exclusively at locally-owned independent bridal salons. Conceptually, National Bridal Sale Day is intended to become a tradition, for the bridal industry, much like a Black Friday or Small Business Saturday, according to Maslowski. Future events will be held annually on the third Saturday of July “Bridal Saturday”.

Organizations supporting this event include, Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, Bridal Guide, BrideClick, International Bridal Manufacture Association (IBMA),My Wedding, The Knot,Vows Magazine and Wedding Wire. The Association of Wedding Gown Specialists is providing brides with coupons good towards gown cleaning and preservation.

A list of participating retailers, which is growing by the minute, can be found at

IBMA Update:  You may find the next top designer in this industry!

Dear IBMA members,

Our own Vice President, Paula Varsalona, is a bridal and social occasion design professor at Fashion Institute Technology in New York City. There are 18 fashion design students who are seeking work in the bridal and related bridal industry. This is not an intern program, these are students who have been well trained in the bridal/social occasion industry by very qualified professors with successful careers in this industry.

As members of the Bridal Industry, IBMA is reaching out to you to get in touch with Paula if you have any opportunities for these well qualified individuals at: (

You may find the next top designer in this industry.


Bridal Beware!  Important Message To Send To Your Customers

This is an important message to put on your websites and social media.

Please send this out to your customers. Thanks!

Buyer Beware! from Memories on Vimeo.


IBMA Update: Counterfeit Technology Software Battles Online Counterfeiters

After much research IBMA has connected with Richard Holmes from The Counterfeit Technology Company ( ( ). I am sending you the presentation Rich Holmes has put together for our membership about the services his company provides. The Counterfeit Technology company would like an opportunity to work with IBMA members on a larger scale (Justin Alexander ,House of Wu, and Mon Cher,are currently clients ) and offer their services at a significantly discounted rate to members of IBMA.

Rich Holmes – Counterfeit Technology software battles online counterfeiters by continually scanning the Internet for knockoffs and automatically sending DMCA takedown notices to the domain host and all major traffic sources immediately upon identifying a counterfeit site. It works quickly and you never have to click a single button to have counterfeiters reported by the thousands. Counterfeit Technology was developed with one simple goal: to cut off the sites where counterfeit products are being sold, thus eliminating these channels that consumers frequently use to buy knockoffs and ultimately reduce your line. The system uses all of your copyrighted images, registered trademarks, and search terms relevant to a manufacturer’s various product lines to create a customized program that runs around the clock to help protect your brand. Counterfeit Technology offers free demos of it’s software to any company that wants to sign up with no future obligations of any kind. To get
started with a free customized program for your brand, please contact Rich Holmes, the company’s Vice President of Legal Affairs at (

A brief presentation about ( is available by following this link ( .

IBMA Update: Join us on our new Facebook page!

Attention all members of IBMA:

Please join us on our new IBMA facebook page. This page is your opportunity to discuss and or post any items you want to disseminate to the Bridal Industry.

Please view the page and post as the only way it can become a viable site is with your participation.


We are proud to announce that Paula Varsalona, the treasurer of IBMA, was honored with the Joseph P. Cianci, Esq. Humanitarian Award at a meeting of UNICO National in Las Vegas, NV.

Established in 1982, The Joseph P. Cianci, Esq. Humanitarian Award is awarded for exceptional dedication and service by an individual to mankind and is the most meritorious singular award that UNICO National may bestow on an individual. “The Cianci Humanitarian Award is granted to an individual who has demonstrated by word and deed a definite concern or and commitment to serving his fellow man. A person whose unselfish dedication has touched all people regardless of race, color, creed or national origin, the recipient of this award must have upheld, believed in and practiced the philosophical goals and objectives of UNICO National.”

Most recently, Ms. Varsalona Marino raised $50,000.00 for the Washington University, Medical School, Siteman Clinic, for nanotechnology research for the treatment of lung cancer, in honor of her mother, Dorothy Varsalona, distributed through the Jimmy V Foundation, UNICO National. She also facilitated a $2500.00 donation to be distributed through UNICO from the IBMA, for the relief of Hurricane Sandy Victims.

Paula Varsalona Marino is honored to accept this award for her long service to UNICO’s mission to serve not only its membership but the community at large.


Dear Former Bridal IBMA Member,

A new and exciting time is presenting itself to all the members past and present of the manufacturing and related industries for the Bridal Industry.

I am Hedy Lapkin, newly appointed Executive Director of IBMA. As your executive director I have challenged myself, with your support and the support of the existing Board to create meaningful ways to utilize your funds that the organization is holding in reserve.

We can and will be a strong voice with your support for the Wholesale Bridal Industry and be responsible for the funds you helped to create. We will provide benefits for our members and at the same time gain recognition as The Trade Association. It is our desire to listen to your needs, create a call to action, and deliver on the most pressing and beneficial needs and wants to benefit our members.

Many of you as former members paid annual dues while other members were involved and participated in the Las Vegas Market.

The Industry is confronted with a wide variety of challenges, and presently the IBMA is in the best position to represent many of the needs of Manufactures of the Bridal Industry.

Some of the challenges and opportunities are:

  • Network online
  • Seminars at markets
  • Better timed Bridal Show dates
  • Negotiating group rates at several domestic and International trade shows
  • Work to strengthen Regional Markets with Manufacture and Retail participation
  • To create sponsorship/subsidizing a West Coast show supported by an established show vendor
  • Work with suppliers and manufactures to promote our common interests

Projects that will promote and inform the public that we are the standard bearer of the Wholesale Bridal Industry:

  • Create an IBMA Website with links to digital and print with worldwide service providers
  • Courtesy lounge at trade shows/Information booth /area for members displays
  • Scholarship programs and contests to help identify new talent, young designers and promote the industry

Counterfeit Issues:

  • Updated information on how to protect your business
  • Support efforts of any associations regarding DMCA (The Digital Millennium Copyright Act)
  • Report Counterfeiters to Google Key Word through the organizations in the forefront of this activity.
  • Seminars with Attorneys, educate manufactures
  • Seminars at trade shows
  • Global effort to include and link with similar organizations outside USA
  • All out campaign to educate the brides. BUYER BEWARE

As your official International Bridal Manufacturers Association, you have heard from us, now we want to hear from you.

Your voice becomes our voice.

There are no fees to rejoin at this time. Strengthen and support the IBMA, The organization is working on your behalf.

Click here to sign-up to become a member or send an email to and include the following updated information:

1. Company Name
2. Company Contact
3. Email Address
4. Phone #
5. Manufacturer (Yes/No)
If yes, what type of specialty? (Bridal, Bridesmaids, Prom, Accessories, Other)
6. Service Provider (Yes/No)
If yes, what type of provider? (Digital, Print, Other)

This free membership will expire on May 1, 2013. Thank you for your timely response.


Hedy S. Lapkin
Executive Director, IBMA