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IBMA Update: Counterfeit Technology Software Battles Online Counterfeiters

After much research IBMA has connected with Richard Holmes from The Counterfeit Technology Company ( ( ). I am sending you the presentation Rich Holmes has put together for our membership about the services his company provides. The Counterfeit Technology company would like an opportunity to work with IBMA members on a larger scale (Justin Alexander ,House of Wu, and Mon Cher,are currently clients ) and offer their services at a significantly discounted rate to members of IBMA.

Rich Holmes – Counterfeit Technology software battles online counterfeiters by continually scanning the Internet for knockoffs and automatically sending DMCA takedown notices to the domain host and all major traffic sources immediately upon identifying a counterfeit site. It works quickly and you never have to click a single button to have counterfeiters reported by the thousands. Counterfeit Technology was developed with one simple goal: to cut off the sites where counterfeit products are being sold, thus eliminating these channels that consumers frequently use to buy knockoffs and ultimately reduce your line. The system uses all of your copyrighted images, registered trademarks, and search terms relevant to a manufacturer’s various product lines to create a customized program that runs around the clock to help protect your brand. Counterfeit Technology offers free demos of it’s software to any company that wants to sign up with no future obligations of any kind. To get
started with a free customized program for your brand, please contact Rich Holmes, the company’s Vice President of Legal Affairs at (

A brief presentation about ( is available by following this link ( .

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