The International Bridal Manufacturers Association

A New and Exciting Time for the IBMA

Dear Former Bridal IBMA Member,

A new and exciting time is presenting itself to all the members past and present of the manufacturing and related industries for the Bridal Industry.

I am Hedy Lapkin, newly appointed Executive Director of IBMA. As your executive director I have challenged myself, with your support and the support of the existing Board to create meaningful ways to utilize your funds that the organization is holding in reserve.

We can and will be a strong voice with your support for the Wholesale Bridal Industry and be responsible for the funds you helped to create. We will provide benefits for our members and at the same time gain recognition as The Trade Association. It is our desire to listen to your needs, create a call to action, and deliver on the most pressing and beneficial needs and wants to benefit our members.

Many of you as former members paid annual dues while other members were involved and participated in the Las Vegas Market.

The Industry is confronted with a wide variety of challenges, and presently the IBMA is in the best position to represent many of the needs of Manufactures of the Bridal Industry.

Some of the challenges and opportunities are:

Projects that will promote and inform the public that we are the standard bearer of the Wholesale Bridal Industry:

Counterfeit Issues:

As your official International Bridal Manufacturers Association, you have heard from us, now we want to hear from you.

Your voice becomes our voice.

There are no fees to rejoin at this time. Strengthen and support the IBMA, The organization is working on your behalf.

Click here to sign-up to become a member or send an email to and include the following updated information:

1. Company Name
2. Company Contact
3. Email Address
4. Phone #
5. Manufacturer (Yes/No)
If yes, what type of specialty? (Bridal, Bridesmaids, Prom, Accessories, Other)
6. Service Provider (Yes/No)
If yes, what type of provider? (Digital, Print, Other)


Hedy S. Lapkin
Executive Director, IBMA